7 Reasons Why You Need to Hire A Copywriter


Often underappreciated, it is no exaggeration to say that copywriting is far more prevalent in our everyday lives than most of us realise. The truth is, a large part of how societies behave is grounded in messages contained within the few but highly selected words.

Whether it is to inspire, suggest, or create a sense of urgency to promote a product or create collective global action on climate change - a copywriter has the power to influence large segments of a population deliberately.

If you want to improve sales and brand image, a professional copywriter can use those same skills to help you achieve those goals and more. With words alone, they can ensure your products and services receive the proper attention through the right message.

Here are 7 reasons why you need to hire a copywriter:

1. Copywriters Sell Any Idea or Product

Among the skills that copywriters offer is identifying elements of a subject matter relevant to target audiences. The copywriter will then employ the precise tone, style, and presentation of information to hone in on that target audience.

It’s interesting to note that few ideas we have are truly uniquely our own, and many of us are set on our life paths because of something they heard or read at one point in their life - and it is a copywriter’s job to develop a message to this effect.

Also, copywriting is a lot more than language proficiency but an entire skill set on its own. So, don’t be surprised if you find copywriters who augment their skills with basic psychology, big data analysis, technical industry-specific knowledge, neurocognition, and search engine optimisation techniques in addition to grammar and writing skills.

2. Copywriters Save You Time

Copywriters do the heavy lifting that includes market research, target audience analysis, content planning and the actual writing that would otherwise take you hours, days, weeks or even months to accomplish.

The time copywriters save you can instead be used to strategise or oversee business operations, improve your product, or take time off.

Though some time is needed to brief copywriters on your product or communicate your organisation’s short-term or long-term strategic goals, it is insignificant compared to trying to complete the job by yourself.

3. Copywriters Save You Money

Hiring a copywriter to produce the advertising collateral and materials you need when you need them is a lot cheaper than maintaining one internally.

As mentioned earlier, copywriting is a powerful tool that, unlike an expensive but poorly conceived marketing campaign, can make or break your brand image and sales - all with a small one-time fee.

A professional copywriter would also have worked with numerous industries and will know techniques to sell different products. Their familiarity with the industries they work with also means that there’s a good chance that professional copywriters can do this faster and better.

Also, in a world where most products are equal, a good brand image and relationship with its customers is what businesses need to grow and maintain their customer base.

4. Copywriters Provide an Outsider’s Perspective

Though it is easy to understand why most would think that someone from the inside would be the best person to write content given to their expertise, two things work against this.

First, their over-familiarity with their product often leads them to wrongly assume what their audience knows, and ultimately fail to describe their product in a way that they will understand.

As a person from the outside, a copywriter is in a unique position to see your product through unbiased lenses - just like how others would- and thereby naturally understand the questions that need answers to.

5. Copywriters Understand Grammar

There are times when local colloquialisms and slang can make a piece of copy better - but a corporate website meant for a highly professional audience is not one of them.

In the professional world, basic grammatical errors can demonstrate unprofessionalism and put off potential customers and clients. Poor grammar and presentation is not only confusing and misleading to readers, but can also give a poor impression that may be impossible to reverse.

As such, copywriters can and will write clear, concise, error-free copy when necessary that is not only impressive but also satisfies (current) search engine web page ranking algorithms.

However, a copywriter’s grasp of the nuances of grammar means that they can bend the rules if it can achieve the intended effect of making the writing more exciting and entertaining without losing the real meaning. After all, grammar is constantly evolving to convey new ideas or old ones better - and its use ultimately depends on the context.

6. Copywriters Understand Theory of Mind

Though we are social by nature, it is surprising how bad the majority of people are at theory of mind - that is, to understand the thoughts going through another person’s mind, including emotions like desires and fears, beliefs, and their understanding and perception of the world around them.

And it is the ability to understand the thoughts of others that differentiate a copywriter from the average person, who usually relies on their understanding of social expectations, emotional state, and goals - rather than writing based on the expectations of the person they are writing for.

On a more bizarre level, a few copywriters even switch between wildly different personas at will to emulate the audience group they are trying to reach and thus get a better sense of what makes this group tick.

7. Copywriters Are Experts At Content Strategy

Style, grammar and unique selling points (USPs) aside, copywriters can give you an edge in developing approaches to marketing that can effectively drive traffic to websites and conversion points.

This is due to the vast amounts of research that copywriters put into analysing market dynamics and competitors’ strategies.

From the choice of format, distribution channels, use of graphics and SEO considerations, an experienced copywriter will fine-tune every aspect of your marketing strategy to amplify the effectiveness of any campaign.

Leverage The Power Of Words

Of all the services that copywriters offer, none are more valuable than their ability to deliver results with nothing more than words if necessary.

A well-written web copy is fast, cheap and easy to produce compared to a full-blown video advertisement - but it has the potential to rival its effectiveness if not entirely blow it out of the water.

As copywriters, we have made it our professional ambition to weave words into forms that affect audiences in ways indistinguishable from magic.

So get in touch with our trained writers today for all your business needs where we help your web pages and social media shine.